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Tuesday Tips - Gesture Drawing

As a story artist, I feel like one of the most important technical skill to develop is the ability to draw things things clearly and fast. Practicing 
gesture drawing is, in my opinion, a good way to get better at it. I think it’s fun, too! Of course, you can draw from life and find unique things people and animals do, but I also think practicing gesture drawing from imagination is truly helpful. For instance, I usually do some gesture drawings of characters I’m about to work with in a sequence. It helps me find a short-hand to start building from. The simpler, the better. Especially early on a project, it really helps to find a quick way to draw a character over and over without repeating yourself all the time.

I remember Life Drawing teachers telling me to “draw from within” and to “feel the weight”. It’s absolutely true, but in terms of storyboarding, other elements came to be as important to the process. Silhouette and a sense of “cartooning” is tremendously helpful to communicate certain things clearly to an audience.

I’m only focusing on character posing right now (and this is just an introduction to the subject). Gesture drawing is very close to thumb-nailing, another ultra-helpful skill. More on that later.

For those who want to spend some money on great books on the subject, I highly recommend you to pick up “Drawn To Life: 20 Golden Years of Master Classes of Disney Master Classes” (Vol. 1 and 2) , from Walt Stanchfield. Do it.








DC Bombshells Pin-Ups by Ant Lucia


hot damn

A lot of the poses and bodies in his art are suspiciously close to existing artwork by Andrew Bawidamann, but with reworked details. Seems a bit fishy to me.

Unless Andrew Bawidamann invented pin-up, I don’t really think so. These are poses seen in pin-up art very frequently. Their styles are very different.

Yeahhhhhh… This actually kind of blew me away. Maybe I’m a snob but how can you know an artist well enough to speak out for him yet have no clue what his style or influences are? Especially such an incredible and old style as pin-up, everyone would do themselves well to look up and enjoy the works of Vargas, Moran and Ballantyne Brand. 

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